Books About Casino Games

From Kevin Blackwood and François Montmirel to Editions First.

It is ideal if you want to know the different games in the casino. It is also aimed at all those who have played before, who may know the rules, but who are also determined to win now. In The Casino for Dummies, you will find all the rules for games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines. You will learn all about the lingo, but also tips and tricks. The book even invites you to learn how to develop strategies in order to avoid bad bets and in order to allow you to manage your money effectively while learning all the secrets to winning! It is an illustrated book that is aimed at both amateurs who want to improve their strategies and beginners who have never entered a casino.

Don’t play silly! Optimizing your chances through probability calculations

From Jacques Dutertre to Editions Jacques Grancher

We can see that two thirds of French people play at least once at one of the games of the Française des Jeux each year. We also note that there are approximately 70 million annual entries in the slots of casinos in France. This book is a really serious book, but which remains accessible, which deals with a unique and unusual subject since it allows you to discover for the first time, how to play smart games of chance like roulette and blackjack at the casino; but also in the Loto and the games of scratching or drawing. It also deals with PMU bets, from simple play to Tiercé, Quarté + and Quinté +; online casinos and internet gambling; various commercial contests.

You learn really relevant things like the fact that in Morpion you have 4.78 chances in 10,000 of winning an interesting sum or tips like never asking for a card again in blackjack if the bank has a 4 or a 5. One Bible to avoid missteps, intended for all styles of readers who want to easily understand how the games studied. The book offers you supporting statistics and probabilities, and allows you to discover the means to limit as much as possible the chance to win, in particular by a rational use of the bets.

The secrets of blackjack

From Yvan Courchesne to Editions de L’Homme

You should know that it is quite possible to win regularly at blackjack and even to play with casino money. Yvan Courchesne, reveals through his manual, all the secrets of any winning strategy. You will therefore discover how to deal with each situation, how to bet wisely, how to behave and especially when to stop playing. It reveals tips, not always fair play, which casinos use to defeat good players and professionals. An ideal book for mastering blackjack!

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